Learning, Understanding and Conceptual Essay

For this essay I chose to answer the first two questions- What is learning? & How do the learning processes of experts and novices differ? While thinking about what learning is, I related my essay to the reading in How People Learn. I explained how everyone has different learning processes and learning knowledge verses memorizing it. In the second part of my essay I explained how experts are likely to notice more characteristics over novices. I related this to the book as well. In the conclusion of my essay, I explained how the reading and these questions will help future educators with relaying difficult information to their students.






2 thoughts on “Learning, Understanding and Conceptual Essay

  1. I really enjoyed reading your essay. What really stuck out to me was your discussion on visual, audio, kinesthetic, and tactile learners. Having an understanding of what type of learners exist in your class will make you a better teacher. With this knowledge of learning types teachers can develop lessons that meet these learning needs. By acknowledging these different learning styles within a lesson, students will better connect with and understand the instruction by the teacher. Great job Tiffany!


  2. I too enjoyed your essay, but for me the thing that struck me as important was the focus we have on honing and sharpening students’ memorization skills, as if they are going to be expected to answer multiple choice questions for the rest of their lives instead of applying concepts that they have truly learned. I think you conveyed the message well that learning should go beyond memorization and be a process that implants concepts in students minds so they can not only answer questions effortlessly, but also apply those concepts to real life situations, as well as other concepts they have already learned or ones that they will.


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