How Can Universities Prepare Pre-Service Teachers for Technology Use in the Classroom?

Throughout my academic career, I have been in a variety of different classrooms. Most of the classrooms have been based on direct instruction while a few of them have been group/center based. Reflecting back upon my elementary/middle/high school years, I notice that most of my time in the classroom was spent listening to a lecture and then completing worksheet after worksheet. It’s important to realize that classrooms are changing, and along with change comes new opportunities for students. Just in the past four years I have spent in college, I have noticed a change in instruction in the classroom. Rather than having direct instruction in classrooms, teachers are moving towards more technology based centers and learning. It’s important as pre-service teachers that we are learning new strategies/technological resources to teach the content that our students are required to learn.

Before this semester I had heard about different technological resources that could be used in the classroom. Some of these resources I learned from my fellow elementary education majors, while other resources I had heard about from professors at Lenoir-Rhyne. I knew classrooms were headed in a direction where more technology sources would be available to students. During this Fall I have had the opportunity to be a part of EDU 451 which is a class that is based upon learning and sharing ideas of technology in the classroom. Before taking this class, I had no idea on how uniformed I was about technology in the classroom.

Now that this semester is coming to an end, I can state that I have learned about countless technological resources I can use in the classroom. Just a few of these include Nearpod, Poll Everywhere, 3-D Gamelab, Kahoot!, and many more. I have many different options to choose from when I try to incorporate these new ideas into my lesson plans. For example, I just used Poll Everywhere in my first lesson plan for my Teacher Work Sample and I’m really excited for my students to use this technological resource. It’s important to note that when I first began this course I had trouble finding technology to incorporate into my lesson plans. Now when I’m developing lessons, I try to think about all of the resources I have learned and it’s much easier to pick one to incorporate into my lesson that I think will be beneficial to my students. EDU 451 was a great class in the way that it prepared me for my future classroom and how to develop a classroom that had more use for technology.

There are many ways that a university can prepare pre-service teachers for technology use in the classroom. One way to prepare pre-service teachers is allowing them to take a course about technology. EDU 451-Technology in the classroom has allowed me to learn about different websites and apps that I can incorporate into my lessons. Another way a university can prepare pre-service teachers is by allowing them to attend a conference in which they learn about new technology. The Digital Days conference at Newton Conover Middle School had a great impact on my learning in the way that I learned about more websites/apps that I can use in my future classroom. These are two ways universities can prepare their pre-service teachers for technology use in the classroom. If universities allow pre-service teachers the opportunity to learn and incorporate technology into their teaching I feel that future classrooms will offer a fun and exciting learning experience for our future students.


One thought on “How Can Universities Prepare Pre-Service Teachers for Technology Use in the Classroom?

  1. Tiffany, I thought this was one of your best blogs yet! We have learned so much this semester and I really like that we have had so many resources provided for us. I was like you at first because it was hard for me to incorporate technology into my lessons but now I feel more comfortable and it’s one of the first things I think about now when I’m writing lessons. I think it’s great for us to get this experience because it is going to be such a relevant thing when we become full time teachers. Great job girl!


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