Reflecting on EDU 451: Technology in the Classroom

Technology is the Future of Our Classrooms 

Before beginning EDU 451: Technology in the Classroom, I had heard about technological resources that could be used in the classroom, but I didn’t know how to incorporate them into my lessons. Reflecting back upon this course, I have learned about multiple technological resources that can be incorporated into lessons to make them more effective and engaging. I began working on my Teacher Work Sample just a few weeks ago and I have already incorporated technology into one of my first lessons. I incorporated Poll Everywhere into a lesson plan so I could see if there were students who had read the book we are about to start reading. I really enjoyed building my personal learning network this semester and I want to continue to use Twitter throughout next semester and my future teaching. I have learned that Twitter is a great place to share resources that you find helpful and also to find resources that other educators have found to be helpful in their classrooms. I have learned so much in this course and I feel that I’m  more prepared to teach in a classroom that uses technology to engage students.

Check out my course summary!:


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